The majors of two towns in the middle of Germany and Europe are calling to march together with an orchestra from Russia: Let´s stop the way in a new cold war! Their cities, Treffurt and Wanfried are only seven kilometers from each other. But till 1989 people from both towns could not reach the other town. In between both was the border, ended on both sides the world. The border between the US-led Nato-pact and the Soviet Union led Warsaw pact. Over many years the Germans both sides were taught, that they are enemies. Several times in the more than 40 years lasting cold war they were under the threat to be destroyed in an Atomic-War. We know today only by luck, not because of wise decisions of politicians it did not start. On top: The cold war swallowed Billions, which could have been used to unite the world in developing good living conditions worldwide, argue the major of Wanfried, Wilhelm Gebhard, und of Treffurt, Michael Reinz. The arms race has started already again and swallows again the public money, which we need to better the living conditions, to overcome the causes which push people to flee and to create a word with social justice. After 1989 citizens for Germany and Russia build up a citizen-partnership to lay ground, to overcome the divisions. The politician, Michael Gorbachev, gave out the goal to build the European House and to start with global governance. The citizens of an area near Moskow and an area in Hessen state decided to support it, in developing relationships between the citizens direct. Since this time a Russian orchestra travels from Istra all two years 2000 kilometer for international understanding to Germany. Two years ago, when the confrontation between the West and Russia started again, they made in Wanfried with a music group from this town a peace-concert to confront the newly growing split. Next week, on Sept. 8. , the orchestra from Istra will come again an make with citizens and music-groups in Wanfried an Treffurt and across the former Border between East and West a peace march. They hope, it will be a start of an international movement to stop the march in a new Cold War and to build up an global peace order, which guarantees peace and security and self-determination for all people, as in the UN-Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Right agreed. May be you want to send a word of solidarity to the marchers? May be you want to take the idea of the action and join to bring up an international movement for the aims of this march. Here the link to the video about the peace concert two years ago (in German). Wolfgang Lieberknecht, Democratic Workshop Wanfried and Initiative Black&White Email:, Tel: 00495655924981

Video from the peace-concert two year ago: